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About Us

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This website was created as a resource for those looking for independant and reliable information on modern Rife research. It was founded and being run by Peter Walker, who has been researching the "Rife" method continuously since 1994. "It all started when my father, Ian Walker, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I wanted to find a way to help him. I first investigated mainstream medicine methods in great detail. After reading a lot of news reports about cutting edge cancer research, I noticed a pattern that it was always stated that it would take about 10 years before new methods could be proved and approved for public use. I therefore obtained news reports from 11 years earlier and found five promising methods. I contacted the authors of those studies saying that the ten years are over and where can your methods be used. Although the research had been completed, partly with good results, I was told that the methods they had researched would never be implemented as only chemotherapy, radiology and surgury were permitted by the lobbys as cancer treatments.

Peter Walker
Peter Walker
Ian Walker
Ian Walker

While this is not strictly true, there are other methods being used, I understood what these researchers were telling me. There is so much money being earned in researching and treating cancer, that there is no real interest in curing cancer. While this sounds cinical, we further research and discussions with hundreds of research scientists have confirmed this general opinion.

It was then that I decided to start looking into alternative medicine methods. There are many methods available, some good and many bad ones and the evidence available is often poor and based on testimonials and experience.

I searched the Internet and CompuServe for information on how to treat cancer. I felt that as one constantly hears about new breakthoughs in the press, maybe I could find something worthwhile.

In the Natural Medicine forum on CompuServe (GO NATMED), I found a file with the name RIFE.TXT which was obviously taken from information supplied by the (now defunct) Royal Rife Reseach Society! There were no contact details given and the CompuServe address of the man who posted the message was no longer valid.

It took me several weeks to find more information on Rife, but I found it fascinating although I was still very skeptical. My next contact was with
Dr. Charles McWilliams on Nevis in the West Indies. I had a long telephone conversation with him and he filled me in on the background of using Rife equipment. He has apparently had quite a lot of success helping patients and (at least then) manufactured Rife machines that he sold around the world "like hotcakes"!

I discussed my findings with my father, but he remained skeptical and was not prepared to spend the large amount of money to visit Dr. McWilliams or the other doctor I was given a reference for in Lisbon (my father had retired to the east coast of Spain). My father died of cancer in 1996 without ever even seeing a Rife machine.

I continued to take an interest in Rife and found more and more web sites on the internet. I then joined Gary Hawkin's Rife-List (later run by Bob Howard and now Dr. Richard Lloyd) and started learning a lot more about Rife therapy in its various flavours like Rife/Bare (Tube-Plasma based), Rife/Crane (Pad-type), Priore (known as the french Rife), etc.

About a year later, a friend of mine told me how his father had developed lung cancer. I told him about Rife and his father said that he had nothing to lose and asked if I could find a doctor nearby (to Cologne, Germany) who could treat him in this way. As the closest doctor I knew of was in Lisbon, I started writing lots of E-Mails to everyone I knew asking for help. I heard of the work of the late Dr. Hans Nieper in Hannover, but it was James Bare who put me in touch with someone in Belgium who's wife had been treated in the Netherlands. I talked to him and he highly recomended a clinic near Eindhoven that has been using Rife therapy openly for many years. Further research on my part told me that the head doctor of this clinic is a highly renouned heart specialist in the Netherlands and that his clinic had an excellent reputation.

I passed this information onto my friend and he took his father to this clinic which is only 90 minutes away by car. His doctors in Cologne had given him a maximum of 2 months to live and were about to start chemo-therapy on him. After his visit, he canceled the chemo therapy ("at his own risk") and started the therapy program using Rife treatment combined with special medicine (I will have to look up the name) to improve his immune system and a strict diet with absolutely no meat, sugar or alcohol. Within days, his condition improved remarkably and over the following months, his doctors in Cologne were amazed at his recovery! Looking at the X-Rays of his lung, the doctors kept looking at the dates because they had never seen such a large tumour consistantly getting smaller with no more fluid in his lungs and no more metastasis! In order to be able to treat himself with Rife every day without driving to the Netherlands, my friends father had purchased a PET unit directly from Australia. This daily treatment (5-10 minutes) improved his recovery still further. After 11 months of treatment, his German doctors were seriously asking him why he was not only still alive, but working around quite normally with only slight breathing problems. They had never experienced this before with someone who started in such a poor condition.

They told him that whatever he was doing, he should continue with it. By this time, the cancer had shrunk done to only a very small part of the lung with a small secondary tumour on his main artery. A few weeks later, he died due to the main artery bursting. He coughed up litres of blood and collapsed. It was unfortunate, but his family were still glad he had taken the Rife treatment and felt he had nearly made it. The autopsy could not find any water in his lung and no metastatis at all. His family did admit that the father had also not been following the strict diet recently and this was immediately noticable in a worsening of his health. Even though in the end he did not survive, his quality of life was good right up to the last few days. He died at home!

In March 1999, I obtained the www.rife.de address and slowly started to create the pages. Due to other projects I am working on (the ones that pay my bills), work on my web site was a little slow at first. I then obtained permission to release the official "Placebo Report" for using the PET device to treat arthritis on the Internet. It was a big job scanning in all 92 pages and preparing it in web format but the final result was worth it. You can read this fascinating report on this web site.

On 11th Sepember 1999, I started my own non-technical Rife mailing list (in contrast to the highly technical Rife-List) on Onelist (later renamed eGroups and now called YahooGroups), which recently became the most popular Rife mailing list on the Internet.

In the meantime, I have learnt a lot about the world of Rife and started visiting the Medica trade fair (the world's largest medical equipment show), etc.

While researching the Rife microscope in Germany, a number of people kept mentioning the name "Kurt Olbrich". I finally looked him up only to discover he is an accomplished microscope engineer who has designed and built an optical microscope with even more capabilities than those of Rife! This led to me setting up Grayfield Optical Inc, with my brother Ray, in order to distribute Kurt's microscopes around the world.

It took a lot of hard research to find the information on this website and the forum I run. I did it because I feel this information should be made more available to those in need.

If you find this information to have helped you, please help us perform more important research.

Well that is my story.



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