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Welcome to the Rife Wiki

The Rife Wiki can normally be found at www.rifewiki.org, yet due to technical issues, the contents of that website have been moved here.
The existing links will continue to work and redirect to the respective page on this website.

Purpose of this Rife Wiki
An encyclopaedia about the microscope and resonance therapy, developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts. The Rife Wiki compliments the various online resources already available on the work of the San Diego scientist: Royal Raymond Rife. On this Wiki, you can find or create pages relating to Rife history, microscopes and frequency therapy.

Device Related Pages
It is also possible and permitted to post messages on Rife related equipment as long as these are factual, unbiased and not posted in a way which could be interpreted as advertising. It is not permitted to state in any way that one device is somehow superior to another except for comparisons between devices made by the same company. Comments about a device should relate to that device only, not in relation to it being better or worse than any competitive product.

Differences to Wikipedia
As unfortunately the Royal Rife entry on Wikipedia is one of the most heavily (negatively) biased pages on Wikipedia, this Rife Wiki has been setup to allow those involved in any form of electrotherapy research to create non-biased factual entries on the subject.
As Rife technology is an experimental technology under development that is not recognised by mainstream medicine, the amount of information and references available may be lacking on some pages. Anything written on this Wiki that is not suitably referenced should be treated as the opinion of the person who posted it.

Linking to pages on the Rife Wiki
Although it is possible to view and edit the Rife Wiki from both the rifeforum.com and rifewiki.org domains, this may be temporary and we reserve the right to be able to drop access to the Rife Wiki via the rifeforum.com domain in future. You can link to the pages as seen on www.rife.de as they will be static.

How to use the Rife Wiki

Topic Range
Topics on this Wiki can relate to any aspect of the history, technology and therapy's originally developed by Royal Raymond Rife as well as their modern counterparts - that is modern day microscopes and therapy devices either based on Rife's work, or similar technologies. Entries can relate to treatment protocols for a specific disease, descriptions of individual devices, terms, etc.

Finding Topics
As this is a mirror of the pages or the Rife Wiki, simply choose the page of interest from the list below. You can also use the search system on this website.

List of All Rife Wiki Pages
While the pages are mirrored here, you cannot edit or create a page. You can view the existing pages below. Please send suggestions to us directly.

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