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History of Rife Communities

The world of Rife research depends, to a certain extent, on how like minded researchers communicate with each other. Today, there are a number of online communities discussing Rife, but this was not always the case. On this page, we will be looking at the history of the Rife online communities.

Original Rife-List

Gary Hawkins Rife-list on Eskimo.com
The oldest Internet Rife community is the "Rife-List", that was originally started on eskimo.com by Gary Hawkins back on August 1, 1996. This list focused primarily on the technical issues of building a Rife device and was often way too technical for beginners in the field.

Bob Howard's Rife-list
Gary Hawkins handed the Rife-List over to Bob Howard in January 2000 and the list was also moved to topica.com where it stayed until July 2001 when the list then moved over to Yahoogroups. Two further lists were started by Bob to help sort the range of topics being posted: rife-alt-health, and alt-health-devices - both lists are no longer available.

In July 2002, the Rife-list made a further move to holman.net, using the "mailman" list server software. Holman.net was run by Jimmy Holman, who was also a vendor for Rife technology.
At this point, the Rife-list had about 700 members. Unfortunately, moving to holman.net did not work out as the members did not like the new system and there were a number of technical problems. Bob officially closed the Holman.net forum on July 27, 2002 due to problems with some members, yet he unofficially continued the Rife-list with a vastly reduced membership of about 200 members where all messages were moderated. Bob finally closed the holman.net Rife-list in October 2003 when the list merged with the Rife-List, restarted by Dr. Dick Lloyd. Bob finally retired from moderating in March 2004.
Bob took his role very seriously and worked hard to keep his "Rife-list" on track which often brought him both criticism and praise. Bob got a reputation of running his list rigidly and moderating all the posts which did a lot to maintain high quality posts, yet was not appreciated by all, unfortunately.

Dr. Richard (Dick) Lloyd's Rife-list
Dr. Richard Loyd, Ph.D. started a new "Rife-list" Yahoogroup on September 22, 2002, which ran in parallel to Bob's now small list on holmann.net. This caused some confusion at first and led to complaints that this new list was interfering with Bob's list that he had been running for so long. To stop the confusion, the Rife-list Yahoogroup was closed in February 2003.
In May 2003, Bob's list on holman.net finally crashed and Richard Lloyd invited Bob to take over moderation of his Rife-list on Yahoogroups. Bob ran the group until March 2004 when he finally decided to retire from the Rife community and passed on moderation of the Rife-list back to Richard Lloyd, who is still running it today with 2777 members in April 2017.

Peter Walker's Rife Yahoogroup

Peter Walker (who also runs www.rife.de) was a member of the original Rife-list, under Gary Hawkins, and noticed that the discussions were mainly way to technical for those seeking more general help on the Rife method of treatment. He therefore started his own "non-technical" Rife group on onelist.com back in September 1999. After a slow start, the list picked up in April 2001 as more and more members moved over to the Rife group from Bob's original list. With every move of the Rife-list, Peter's Rife group gained more and more members. In early 2000, onelist was taken over by egroups which was itself taken over by Yahoo in early 2001 to form Yahoogroups, as it is still known today. However, these provider changes made no difference to the group which has been running continuously since September 1999 as one group.
In September 2002, Peter announced a new phpbb based Rife Forum at www.rifeforum.com and his plans to move his "Rife" Yahoogroup membership over to the new online forum. However, the members were not keen to move to an online forum and this prompted Dick Lloyd to start his "Rife-List" on Yahoogroups and Brian McInturf (turf) to start his "Electroherbalism" group at the same time. Due to technical problems with the Rife Forum, and the lack of members taking up the forum idea, Peter decided to continue his Rife Yahoogroup which has since expanded to be the largest Rife Yahoogroup and is still active, today with 3845 members in April 2017.

Peter Walker's Rife Forum (Recommended)

Peter started his Rife Forum, using the open source phpbb software system in September 2002. As in any new project, the start was slowed by technical problems. As many members of his Rife Yahoogroup missed the ability to receive messages via Email, the software was changed to allow all new posts to be sent out to members via a new Rifeforum Yahoogroup. Despite these initial problems, the membership started gaining quickly and by March 15, 2004, the Rife Forum had 2240 members compared with 918 on the Rife Yahoogroup and just 176 on the original Rife-list when Bob finally retired.
After a major hacker attack, the Rife Forum went offline on June 23, 2005 and due to separate technical problems, the backup files could not be recovered, either. Although the membership details and private messages could be saved, the messages had been completely deleted by the Turkish hacker. Due to the use of the Rifeforum Yahoogroup, to send out all messages to members via Email, the messages were not lost, however. After months of rebuilding the data and messages from the Rifeforum Yahoogroup, the Rife Forum was reopened on January 24, 2006 with a new far superior vBulletin Forum engine and with significantly improved security and backup system.
Since then, the Rife Forum has grown significantly with 12966 members in April 2017. The Rife Forum is now the most user friendly and successful online Rife community.

Stan Truman's Rifers Group

Stan Truman, who is best known for running www.rife.org, started the Rifers group on egroups (now Yahoogroups) back in November 2000. It is the smallest of the dedicated Rife groups and although there are some interesting posts on that group, it never had more than 172 message/month (back in January 2001), and has since averaged only about 50 messages/month many of those being cross-posted from the other two Rife groups. The Rifers Yahoogroup[11] is run by Stan Truman. Recently, the number of posts on the Rifers group has trailed off making the group largely insignificant.

Bryan Rosner's Lyme-and-Rife Group

Bryan Rosner started his Lyme-and-Rife Yahoogroup in April 2003 and it was an immediate success with a high number of posts, each month. Unlike the other Rife groups, Bryan has concentrated on the treatment of Lyme disease with Rife and other electrotherapy equipment. His success unfortunately reflects on the scale of the problem of Lyme disease, particularly in the USA. Bryan has also written several books that are highly recommended by the Rife community for those suffering with Lyme. Bryan decided to close the group in February 2009 and the extensive files section was transfered to the dedicated Lyme section on the Rife Forum. Bryan's group was finally closed in March 2009 and is no longer accessible. Most members moved to the Rife Forum that has its own dedicated section to Lyme disease as well as the Lyme_Rife Yahoogroup started by Scott Adams.

Scott Adams's Lyme_Rife Group

Scott Adams started the Lyme_Rife Yahoogroup on Feb. 18, 2009 as a replacement for the Lyme-and-Rife Yahoogroup which was closed in March 2009. The group is still active, today with 2203 members in April 2017.

German Language Rife-Gruppe

The German language Rife-Gruppe Yahoogroup started in December 2005 and concentrates primarily on treating Lyme disease with the GB-4000 unit in Germany. Membership in low (just 80 members in April 2017) and a relatively low number of posts, yet the members are dedicated to helping each other. For German speaking people with limited abilitly to speak English, this group can provide some German language support. However, the group now appears to be inactive with posts mainly ending in November 2015 and just one post in 2016.

Other Rife Groups
There are a number of small, often specialized groups to be found mainly on Yahoogroups. These can be of interest to those interested in the specific topics. However, most serious conversations have moved to the Rife Forum and that is the place we recommend for current communcations on a wide range of Rife topics. They are listed them here in order of importance.

This is for discussion of Beck type blood electrification and the Beck protocol in general, as well as Rife, Crane and any other bio electric medicine. Still active with 1583 members in April 2017.

Discussion of bioelectronics including Rife, Rife-Bare, EMEM, Tesla, Clark, Lakhovsky, and other frequency devices and their uses, as well as complementary therapies including but not limited to nutrition, diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and others. Still active at a low level with 1582 members in April 2017.

This forum is for the exchange of information on the use and results of the Bob Beck Protocol, Dr Hulda Clark technology, Royal Rife, Colloidal Silver and any related technology. Has been largely inactive since 2011 with 1008 members in April 2017.

The purpose of the F-Scan group is to provide a forum for F-Scan owners to collaborate and chart new frequencies. Has been largely inactive since 2014 with 774 members in April 2017.

Specialized group for users to the Beamray, (Bioray) Sound & Light Generator. Very small group that has been largely inactive since 2001 with only 110 members in April 2017.

Group of people actively working on, developing, designing, using, or testing freqgen and the associated hardware. Very small group that has been largely inactive since 2005 with only 149 members in April 2017.

This is the place to discuss your expierence with the EMEM rife type machine. Very small group that has been inactive since 2012 with only 85 members in April 2017.

The "Spooky" group originally started on the Rife Forum as an experiment and generated a lot of interest. They tried to unite Rife methods with distance healing and concentrated on low-cost equipment and methods.
Unfortunately, many of the people involved turned out to be highly controversial and they made wide claims as to the capabilities of there methods with no data to back up these claims. It was claimed that their chief programmer runs a cancer clinic in New Zealand, yet when people went to check it out, nothing was found. There was a university clinic in the building and they had not even heard of this "cancer clinic".
Hundreds of ill people tried their methods and were told not to consult their local physicians during the "treatment" that consisted of sending in their toenails. After a while, they were told that they had been "cured" and when they told their local doctors the "good news," a re-examination revealed they were in a worse condition than before, often with new problems on top. Those that complained were then attacked as being "disbelievers" and no responsibility was shown by those hurt by their methods. Over 90 detailed complaints were received by the admins of The Rife Forum and after investigation, the Spooky "Distance Therapy" group had to be expelled from the forum. They have since created their own forum where they are continuing. Our advice is to be very cautious about this group that promise massive benefits that cost little, yet in the experience of the established responsible Rife Research Community, are offering little verifyable effect. We cannot recommend anyone to trust their health to this group. Do so at your own risk.

Closure of Yahoo Groups in December 2019
On December 16, 2019, Yahoo Groups removed the online archives of all Yahoo Groups. This also meant that a number of Rife related Yahoo Groups disappeared while others tranferred to other platforms.

The Rife Forum archived 70 Health-Related Yahoo Groups that are available as download for Windows Computers. They also compiled a list of where the groups moved on to - most of them to groups.io

The following Rife Groups moved on to alternative platforms:

Rifeforum to https://groups.io/g/rifeforum and of course continues at www.rifeforum.com

Other Rife related groups closed down and are now only available as a digital archive:

We recommend those interested in Rife to join The Rife Forum
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