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Nogier Frequencies

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Seven frequencies were developed experimentally by Dr Paul NOGIER in the 1970s. These frequencies are constantly used in routine medical practice, as they are preferentially recognized by the body. They enter into resonance with the body and specific exert effects on the body. These frequencies are used both for detection and for treatment.

The U frequency is the so-called "universal" frequency and the resulting 7 fundamental frequencies are multiples of 2.

The same frequencies are used for laser devices, but at a higher harmonic. They have an identical action.

Definition of frequencies by Drs Paul and Raphael NOGIER:

Extract from "The man in the ear", Maisonneuve, 1979, 255 p.
A action on the tissueswounds, epithelial tumours,epidermal reactions...
B gastrointestinal and metabolic problemstrophic functions, polarity, parasympathetic, interoceptive impulses...
C locomotor problemsergotropic function, sympathetic polarity....
D disorders of laterality
E pain and nerve conductionspinal cord diseases
F brain and bone reconstruction
G action on the cerebral cortexcortical, mental disorders ... The effects can be potentiated by associating various frequencies. These combinations of frequencies are especially used in local therapy:

ANALGESIC freqs. E and G
REGENERATING freqs. A, B and F

Frequency programs:
You can choose your individual configuration and use with all available power, wavelengths, frequencies, and functions. The frequencies are programmed (NOGIER/BAHR). Simply choose frequencies corresponding to body part and pathology.

A. Body openings, tonification, acute diseases, inflammation
B. Abdomen, sedation, chronic diseases, metabolism
C. Muscles, bones, joints, circulation, movement disorders
D. Commissural, brain frequencies, stress balance, relaxation
E. Nerves, pain, neuralgia, herpes zoster, spinal cord
F. Face, mouth, brain frequency, psychic/psychosomatic symptoms
G. Frontal brain, intellectual disorder, anxiety, muscle strain

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