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Rifeing when Pregnant

The question of using Rife therapy during pregnancy often comes up. On this page, the current thinking on the subject will be discussed. The information gathered here has been compiled from discussions on the subject on various Rife Communities.

General Opinion

Rife practicioners generally advise against using Rife therapy during pregnancy, as the effects have not been fully established and nobody wants to recommend a therapy that may be potentially damaging to the unborn child.
Since the body is an electromagnetic organism that responds to minute amounts of electrical current, magnetic energy, and electromagnetic fields, it's hard to say if using a frequency device will be negative, neutral, or positive. However, Rifing during pregnancy has not been studied extensively (if at all).

Why Rife therapy can be dangerous to the unborn child

Any rapidly dividing cells could be affected by the electromagnetic fields put out not only by Rife devices, but also other devices and power lines. One reason is because DNA is very sensitive to such things, and in rapidly dividing cells the DNA is almost continually in action, rather than in a relatively quiescent state typical of normal tissue activity.
Rifeing can cause a herx effect where toxins, from destroyed pathogens, can be caused. If such an effect were to be passed onto the baby, this could have negative side effects.

Use of Rife Plasma type devices

If you used a rife machine that produces square waves, no negative offset, and you are pregnant you probably have little cause for concern. The energy probably has little or no effect on sperm. See the experiment in the next paragraph.
A rudimentary study compared radiant emem3d energy to a car's radiant energy. Square wave energy from a EMEM3D machine is almost identical to the RF given of by a car's ignition system.

If you put a trifield meter near a running emem machine and also on your lap in a running car you will see the energy level's are quite similar. So is the energy type. Cars produce square waves like some rife units. Professional drivers have been exposed to a motor vehicle's RF several hours a day for decades with no ill effects. There are no (to my knowledge) reports of elevated cancer rates, reproductive disorders, birth defects, etc. If it were so, pregnant women would not be allowed to be in running motor vehicles.

Nevertheless, do not do run any rife machine while pregnant unless authorized by a MD/DO.

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