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Note: Aubrey's website is now offline and this is now the only official authorized location to find his research.

On this and the following pages of the "Aubrey Scoon" section, you will find a slightly edited and reorganised mirror of Aubrey Scoon's own website. This has been done in honour of Aubrey's contribution to the Rife world and to ensure that his work is not forgotten. Now that he has passed on and his website has been taken offline, this is now the only official and authorized place to find his original research.

Please note that the contents of this and the following pages reflect the opinion of Aubrey Scoon only. His opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of or anyone else associated with this website.

Important: Any comments using the word "I", in this Aubrey Scoon section, relate to the opinion of Aubrey Scoon only.

Changes made to original website:
As Aubrey Scoon has now passed on, we made some minor changes to reflect this. Links to his email address have been removed along with any comments that he may be expanding on a report later. We have changed the order of some pages to be more logical. Otherwise, the website has the same content as it was. You can see an archive of his original website, here.

Aubrey, thanks for your groundbreaking research for the Rife world.

Who is Aubrey Scoon?
I am a private researcher and investigator. I have particular skills in several technical areas: I am a professional electronics and computer engineer, I have been involved in electronics and computer design for over 20 years. But I also have extensive knowledge and experience in chemistry and physics and some in biology, astronomy and several other areas of science. I have particular talents for teaching and writing and also for investigation and research which is what I most enjoy doing!

For the last 3 years I have concentrated a lot of effort into researching electrotherapy and what might best be called, "Energetic Medicine"; because despite the lack of a proper scientific foundation in many such areas, I believe nonetheless that such therapies have a lot of potential and warrant further investigation. One of my purposes in building this site is to explain the conclusions I have reached from my research.

This site and my research are both "works in progress". The material on here is a snapshot of my thinking at a particular time - it may not be (and most likely IS not) what I currently think about such things and so none of the material on here should be considered definitive, I change my ideas almost on a daily basis. The reason why I have posted material on here that may not be current, is mainly to introduce new paradigms and ways of thinking about what is considered to be "conventional wisdom". Where possible, I try to explain what I find wrong with current opinions and why I have suggested new ones.

Bear in mind however that most of the material on here is purely my opinion. I don't claim that anything on here is factual, proven or authoritative unless I explicitly say that it is.

In particular, nothing on this site is intended to represent, nor should be taken to represent, any form of medical advice - I am not qualified to give medical advice, and do not attempt to do so. The one piece of advice I do offer to everyone is that you should ALWAYS do your own research and check out any claims, statements etc., about ANYTHING (not just medical matters) for yourself. Do NOT take what I say (or what anyone else says) as fact - consider it and weigh it in your own mind and then check it out yourself.

I would like to stress that I don't sell anything. I have never sold anything and have no intention of doing so in the foreseeable future. If anyone is offering anything which they say is from me, please let me know because it is a LIE.

Please check out my
FAQ, the answer to your question is probably there already.

Finally, I would like to remind readers that the material on this web site is copyright. It is NOT public domain. It may be freely copied for personal use, but under no circumstances may it be sold by anyone without my express permission. And I have no intention of giving such permission either!


The link below is a brief introduction to some of the concepts of Quantum Mechanics. I wrote this paper to combat misinformation about Quantum Mechanics that was being propagated by some advocates of "alternative physics".
Quantum Mechanics 101

Aubrey Scoon, 2002

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