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Royal Raymond Rife was born in 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska USA. From the 1920's through to his death in 1971 he lived and worked in San Diego, California, USA. Rife mainly became famous for two specific inventions (although he had many others). One was a super microscope allegedly capable of resolving objects below the Abbe limit, and with magnification claimed to be as high as 31,000 times. The second invention was an electromagnetic therapy device consisting of some sort of radio transmitter feeding a plasma tube which was claimed to kill specific pathogenic microorganisms at specific frequencies. It was claimed that in 1932 Rife succeeded in isolating a "filter-passing" microorganism (later referred to as a virus) that was the cause of cancer. And in 1934 it was further claimed that Rife succeeded in curing several cases of cancer in real patients by targetting this microorganism (which he called "BX") with his ray machine. The Rife technology was dismissed by the American Medical Association as quackery and was suppressed by various organisations and American federal agencies. Even today it is largely outlawed in the United States, and is frowned upon by authorities in some other countries.

Despite this, many people have tried to duplicate Rife's work with modern machines. Rife's spectacular claimed successes have never been duplicated but modern researchers have established that machines built along similar lines to Rife's do have some sort of bioactive effect, and that in many cases, people who have used them in cases of serious illness do seem to have experienced improvements in their conditions. Despite the latter, it is too early in my opinion to claim that these machines are fully safe and effective. Not enough proper research has been done into them (mainly due to lack of resources by interested parties) and because there is still active opposition from the medical establishment and various organisations and agencies. Also the entire field is constantly brought into disrepute by unscrupulous vendors who sell machines with exaggerated and often ridiculous claims. At the same time I am personally convinced based on my own experience, that there is some possible benefit to some "electromagnetic devices" and that the "Rife Effect" as I have chosen to call it, does exist. As such I am conducting my own research into the issue. But I stress that this is just my personal opinion.

I do not believe that the "Rife effect" is anything to do with simple "resonance" as has often been claimed by others. There are many complex interactions between electromagnetic energy and cells and I do not believe that the situation is so simplistic. I have withdrawn some of my speculative ideas on the subject because I am concerned that not everybody seems capable of distinguishing fact from opinion and also because I am now aware that they have been misused by some vendors in the past. In my own experiments I have succeeded in destroying micro-organisms several times in various different ways through application of electromagnetic radiation, below levels commonly thought to be damaging. However most of the tests I have done have been negative and those tests that weren't, have been intermittent and the results are largely not reproducible on demand.

Note that I do not specifically recommend any form of electrotherapy and all information on here is for experimental and research purposes only - it is not intended as any form of medical treatment guide.

I have managed to obtain information about various early Rife and Hoyland / Beam Rays Machines. I can now publicly release some of that information for the first time. The following link is to pages with information about a possible candidate for Rife's original 1931 machine, a 1936 Hoyland machine as used by Milbank Johnson MD, and Dr O.C. Gruner of Canada, and finally a 1937 vintage Hoyland machine.

Early Rife Machines

The UK Rife Research Group managed to gain access to an original 1939 Beam Rays Machine. I reverse engineered that machine and the results of our findings are presented below.

1939 Beam Ray Machine

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