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FreX is designed to be an educational entry point for scientists, researchers, homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, interested in evaluating Frequency Therapy.

Studies of Frequency Therapy display these potential benefits ...
  • De-vitalization of fungus, mould, virus and bacteria via mortal oscillation
  • Destruction of bacteria by generating resonance in their 20kHz RPM electrical motor most bacteria use to move. We break the microbes motor, we break the microbe. This may well be the operational parameter of the RIFE EFFECT.
  • De-vitalization of virus external protein layer, thus reducing its ability to gain access to healthy body cells (potential personal protection from pandemic virus)
  • Will disrupt and shatter virus crystalline structure, thus vastly reducing harmful viral populations.
  • The body's white blood cells use microcurrents to deactivate pathogen. Electricity is one of the body's main "natural" tools for maintaining homeostasis.
  • Produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of C-fibres for the body to use where necessary - CHIamp is most suitable for this with it's changing wave cycles.
  • T-Cell excitation and division. Immune boost, more warriors to go into battle
  • Adult Stem Cell stimulation appears to be a bi-product of frequency therapy, which studies have shown 5% to 10% increase of adult stem cells in the blood. Stem cells are required to reverse aging, and promote organ and tissue regeneration.
  • A level of free electrons delivered attach to free radicals, which helps neutralize their damaging cellular effect.
  • Current studies display body fascia release and unwinding, providing a huge boost and normalization of body functions. (A field I am particularly interested in)
  • Increases cellular electromagnetic potentials, thus raising barriers of entry to harmful microbes and damaging toxins. Often referred to as "recharging the body battery". When the cell's voltage falls, we become sick according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg
  • Speeds up tissue repair and cellular regeneration functions
  • New research focusing on regrowing lost body parts
  • New research focusing on nerve cell regeneration
  • Used in all space flight programs to condition and keep optimized body tissue which would otherwise degenerate in a weightless envornment
  • Current research into scalar waves, a more esoteric science of plasma transmitters where it is believed new and untapped healing potentials exist, revolving around placebo, entrainment, and intention amplification phenomena
  • Dark field microscope analysis of live blood displays Frequency Therapy un-glues red blood cells, enabling them to deliver oxygen to remote parts of the body and diseased cell sites more efficiently.
  • Blood lives for about 3 to 4 days under a microscope. When blood is examined from someone exposed to frequency therapy, it has lived up to 30 days under a microscope
  • Used as a muscle stimulator to relieve pain, reduce spasms and edema, tonify weak muscles
  • Homeopathic and Naturopathic Doctors use frequencies in numerous applications to help their patients, including DNA optimization applications.

FreX And Listening To Audio Frequencies

For many years, people have been listening to the frequency programs FreX creates and runs. While FreX was designed to operate plasma and contact electrodes, as is its popular use, the feed-back from people benefiting from the audio tones alone, needs a comment here in an attempt to understand how these results can be happen.

FreX creates unique Frequency Tunnels, this is a very good way of manufacturing frequency signals for use in healing. FreX was originally designed to run Plasma tubes and then later, contact electrodes, but people have been doing what you are doing (just listening to the audio frequencies) and experiencing quite positive results.

On the esoteric front, I have donated FreX to many spiritual and religious missionaries around the world. There probably aren't too many countries left on this planet where FreX is not in use. We have a Bishop, Priests, Rabi, Ministers, Holymen , Holywomen, and Shamans that use FreX, and have blessed it. It is probably the most multi-religious healing software that has received these blessings by most of the religions and spiritual paths on this planet.
The advanced software that FreX uses to generate its frequency tunnels are tools developed in German from some very capable audio engineering software developers. I'm also very impressed with its performance across most Pentium type computers running Microsoft's Windows. WindowsXP is what FreX is developed on.

Many of the signals FreX produces are unique, in that they are in a state of resonance (this is a product of the software and computer firmware working together). This is very difficult to impossible to achieve via any other function generator or computer software. It is unique to FreX, and it seems for most part to generate good results in a lot of cases.

I believe these resonating signals stimulate and release body fascia, thus improving the whole body very quickly, and this appears to happen on a regular basis when listening to the audio frequencies. Sine wave settings are the best to use when listening to the audio tones of FreX as these sine waves appear to experience resonance easily and frequently. Our body and mind registers these signals, converting them into electromagnetic impulses that tavel through the body. Useage of FreX in this way (via listening to audio tones) would be classified as a Homeopathic application from main stream RIFE users who rely on powerful ElectroMagnetic, ElectroStatic and RadioFrequency transmitters.
Most Plasma transmitters and contact electrode systems (except the FDS and REBS in Audio Mode) condition the FreX signal which removes this resonance effect generated by the circuits and software. This is sometimes called "noise" by engineers, but the noise I am talking about here can't be measured by instruments - hence the creation of the ERS (Electronic Resonance Scanner) instrument which has made us aware of these resonant events that occur in the FreX signal. They can't be seen via oscilloscopes or spectrum analyzers.

There would be value using good response computer speaks with a sub-woofer for the lower frequencies. We are looking at the signal being taken in via the ears and also the whole body by the audio pressure waves transmitted to it.

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